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Un peu... / A little bit...

Posted by
sido (Seville, Spain) on 4 March 2012 in Abstract & Conceptual and Portfolio.

I don't know the corresponding sentence in English. Maybe someone can help me. In French : je t'aime un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, à la folie, pas du tout.


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Barbara Kile from Ft. Worth, United States

Great b-w - like your process.

4 Mar 2012 6:06am

@Barbara Kile: Thank you.

thami from Fès, Morocco

Comme les rayons d'un soleil ...
Bon dimanche lumineux et chal-heureux!

4 Mar 2012 8:28am

@thami: J'ai du retard, le dimanche est presque fini. Bonne soirée.

Veronique from France, Switzerland

apparently the phrase and practice began in Victorian times:
"A well-known practice originated with heartbroken Victorian maids who
wished to be loved once again by their suitors. A maid would pluck a
daisy's petals one by one, chanting, 'He loves me, he loves me not,'
for each petal pulled. Of course, it was the last petal that predicted
the situation's outcome."

maintenant on trouve la longue phrase : to play "she-loves-me, she-loves-me-not"

4 Mar 2012 9:08am

@Veronique: Thanks a lot. So, in English there are only two options: he loves me, he loves me not while in French he might love me a little etc. I didn't know the exact "saying".

valenttin from Navodari, Romania

c'est pour ca que j'aime la langue francaise en detriment de l'anglais, elle a beaucoup des nuances... ;)

4 Mar 2012 1:00pm

@valenttin: Chaque langue a ses nuances à mon avis et certaines sont beaucoup plus riches que le français... mais ça c'est une autre histoire. Merci pour ton passage. Tiens, tiens, tu as eu peur d'aller jusqu'au bout de ta marguerite.

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

A wonderfully whimsical shot Sido! Bravo! ;-)

4 Mar 2012 1:03pm

@Eric Cousineau: Thanks Eric.

Mamyni from Argenteau-Visé, Belgium

Peu importe, moi, je l'aime ...ta photo.
Merci pour ton com.
Bonne fin de journée.

4 Mar 2012 2:59pm

@Mamyni: Merci et bonne soirée.

Nicou from Sion, Switzerland

Merveilleuse compo et iamge superbe cpatage de cette fine marguerite.
Belle journée

4 Mar 2012 3:05pm

@Nicou: Merci Nicou.

rem_la from Villiers, France

une joli fleur !

4 Mar 2012 3:14pm

@rem_la: Merci. Tiens ça me rappelle une chansons de Brassens...

Loukas from Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece

Nice shot

4 Mar 2012 4:17pm

@Loukas: Thank you.

valenttin from Navodari, Romania

et tu n'a pas meme commence... :P

4 Mar 2012 9:58pm

@valenttin: Je n'ai plus l'âge... Bonne journée.

Joyce from Montana, United States

This is a sweet, nicely processed image of my favorite flower, and touches my heart. My wedding was full of friendly Daisies, not traditional, but neither am I. I learned that my Grandmother's wedding was full of Daisies, and, I use her wedding ring coincidentally. I sure like the French version of the Daisy "Oracle." Grandmother was French by the way. Also we do this similar game with the twisting of the stem of an apple. Each turn goes from a,b,c,d, and so- on (the alphabet) and when the stem falls free, the letter spoken is the first letter of the man I shall marry, or meet and have a flaming affair with, probably, in modern times.

5 Mar 2012 4:22pm

@Joyce: Thanks Joyce. I love this different way you are telling me. My favorite flower is coquelicot / red poppies above all because we cannot cut them and put them in a vase. Are there poppies in Montana ?

Prospect from Oslo, Sweden

Great title. Reminds me of a lovely song with the same title, by Lykke Li.

5 Mar 2012 8:59pm

@Prospect: Indeed ? I'll have to go to youtube... Thanks for your visit.

Joyce from Montana, United States

Poppies yes!!! I once had a jar of poppy seeds and went outside my new home and just freed them in the air, sewed them into my dirt yard thinking, "oh well, they will grow or not, no big deal." It rained soon, and apparently my timing was accidentally perfect, because my yard was a bright red poppy jungle that spring. What a joyous surprise. I harvested the pods too, and sewed the seeds in other places but it didn't happen again.

7 Mar 2012 5:08pm

@Joyce: Some years fields are full of poppies and then you have to wait for several years before you can see them again. But when we can watch them all together it is gorgeous, isn't it ?

Benissa from BOULOGNE, France

Beau traitement et joli choix que cette simple fleur qui porte en elle toute la gravité des sentences qu'elle délivre lorsqu'on l'effeuille... J'aime beaucoup. Bonne journée, Sidonie.

9 Mar 2012 8:58am

@Benissa: Merci pour le blogwatch et pour le commentaire. A bientôt.

Ani from Bordeaux, France


18 Mar 2012 6:48am

@Ani: Merci Ani, mais je ne suis pas très noir & blanc. Une technique très difficile et qui ne convient pas à toutes les images.